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UX + UI Designer

Incentivizing Healthy Living

  • Scope: Interactive Prototype
  • Tools: Pen & Paper, Marker & Sharpies, Marvel App
  • Duration: 5 Days

The Project

Interview 3 classmates to gain insight about their needs around fitness. Work with them and find a problem that could be solved with the design of a simple mobile app that requires usage of wearable accessories.

The Problem

People want to live healthy lives, but they lack either the knowledge of what it means to be physically healthy or the motivation to get there.

The Solution

A mobile app that incentivizes healthy living through targeted heart rate recommendations from the American Heart Association.

Prototype in Action

How it works

With a little personal information and the connection of any wearable device with a built in heart rate monitor, Heart Rate Rewards will guide the user during a workout session to stay in the recommended target heart-rate ranges as established by the American Heart Association.

When a user completes the recommended minimum workout they will receive a Heart Sticker for the day on their personal calendar tracker. For each completed week of accomplishment they will receive points. These points will grow exponentially as the user stays more consistent with their exercise.

Points can then be used to redeem great healthy gifts from our sponsors such as:

The Process

Project Kickoff

I began this project by interviewing three classmates regarding their interests, goals, and pain points within the realm of fitness. From the first interview I established there was a need for a fitness app that would keep track of a runner's heart rate and through audio cues keep a runner motivated while exercising.

The second interview established a need for training videos that would lead them in a variety exercises from squats and lunges to yoga. And the third interview established a need for a personal trainer app that would help keep them accountable and give them a reason to show up to the gym.

Half image
Half image


I then began a brainstorm of sketches that had no clear flow or defined scope and included every feature my users wanted. After one grueling round of peer reviews, I went back to my notes and began to see a pattern. Although there was a variety of ways in which my users exercised the goal behind this exercise was the same: "a healthy lifestyle". I also gathered the main need from all my users was someone or something to help keep them motivated to achieve this healthy lifestyle.


I then began researching "what does it mean to be healthy?", "how would you achieve a long and healthy life?". In my search I found that "Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US." Therefore I asked the question how to achieve a healthy heart and I found a great info graphic from the American Heart Association, which defines the amount of time per week that a person should be hitting their target heart rate. While the info graphic is clear and easy to understand it is hard to remember.

Half image
Half image
Half image

Lightning Strikes

This lead me to my second iteration with a much more well-defined scope.

The app needs to:

  • Help a user establish their target heart rate range
  • Identify the user's current heart rate while exercise
  • Track user accomplishments
  • Motivate the user to keep reaching those goals

Test, Test and Test Again

Another round of peer reviews highlighted screens and information that the user was missing. This lead to a third iteration that ensured that all the necessary information was provided and clearly defined a typical user flow. With a successful user test I then began to draw the fourth iteration and then build a tapable prototype using the Marvel App.

Half image
Half image